Ways of finding apprenticeship in Perth

Although the degree is a major step in helping you achieve your first step on the career ladder but since the cost of university is so  high there are more than ever young people looking to work and relying on apprenticeship to fund their studies.

However there are also some ambitious individuals who might be looking for a change in career and an apprenticeship is a great way of getting into an industry regarding which they do not have any idea.

If you are thinking about finding apprenticeship in Perth keep the following things to keep in mind to make the most of them:


Get help for finding apprenticeship in Perth

There are several employers who recognise apprenticeships as an alternative to a University degree. This has led to a surge in more young people looking to apply for an apprenticeship. You can select apprenticeships by advertising your vacancy through the national apprenticeship service. You can also contact your school and college service advice board and get a positive response by simply applying to any vacancy which you can find on their website or online job board.


Identify your skills

One of the best ways of finding an apprenticeship is to know about your own skills. For example if you find that you are good with children you should start looking for apprenticeships at local schools or at any day care centre. On the other hand if you think that you have got a good hand with cosmetics and applying make up then you might look into apprenticeships at a beauty institute. It should be kept in mind that all of these are just stepping stones towards your career ladder and would also help you achieve the necessary skills which required for any employee to be hired immediately once they are done with the apprenticeship. However it is also important that you work on your ambition and work ethic and improve your communication skills if you want to make the most of your training.


Be courteous and approachable

It might be difficult for you to start a new job especially or somebody who has never done a training program before. However by being more approachable and friendly you could start feeling at home and learn all the important things from your mentor if you keep an open mind. It is important to get to know everyone on the job and make sure that you contact them if you are having any difficulty regarding a certain assignment. Your mentor is there to guide you throughout your journey as an apprentice make sure that you are approachable and open to the ideas and try to implement them in your everyday work.

Make sure that you have your objective set in your mind. This would not only help you achieve your goals but also contribute towards your professional development. Instead of going for something too ambitious look for short term goals which are achievable and then build your way from there.

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